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Journey to the Altar


What’s a single sister to do when you’ve delighted yourself in the Lord but He hasn’t given you the desires of your heart?

What happens when you’ve tried to date God’s way but with no positive results? I only see three options:

(1) Turn away from God. Walk away from the faith. Resolve that maybe He has something against you or is playing some game or has you in the midst of some puzzle that you have neither patience nor time to figure out; so you choose to do it your way.

(2) You continue serving God but with hidden resentment and anger. You carry a religious persona fooling most everyone around you, except God, with your spiritual-talk, aura of praise and well-rehearsed worship; but as Jesus said of the Pharisees, your heart is far from Him. (Matt. 15:8)

(3) You open up to God the deepest places of your heart so He can touch you where you need Him most. You cry when you feel like crying, scream when you feel like screaming, but you choose to walk in faith, not because you’re a sanctified version of Wonder Woman but because..

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